Remembering Our Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Remembering Our Pregnancy Photo Shoot

This blog post continues our series on cherishing key memories, such as a baby shower and babymoon, after losing a child.  


The pregnancy photo shoot for our son, Travis Jr., was nothing short of amazing! It was certainly a highlight of our pregnancy. 


To prepare, we’d spent hours and hours searching for our outfits. We landed on a beautiful copper/burnt orange gown for Travis Jr.’s mom. The dress was regal, and Travis Jr.’s mom was radiant in it. 


Not to be outdone, we found a sharp, double-breasted, rich blue suit for Travis Jr.’s dad. The detailed cross-stitching of the suit perfectly matched the color of Travis Jr.’s mom’s dress. Travis Jr.’s dad looked dapper in it. 


We also spent hours researching photographers and booked the talented M. Carter Photography. We couldn’t have been happier with both the experience and the results that he provided. 


The entire photo shoot experience was delightful. We did the photo shoot in a huge park that we frequented while pregnant with Travis Jr. and where we had looked forward to spending time with him after he was born. We took photos on different trails, in the low grass, in the tall, golden grass, in the hedges, and in front of a mansion with magnificent, white pillars. 


Our photos indeed demonstrated the majesty of parenthood - the God-given gift of having a child. 


A highlight from the photo shoot was when a little boy, about five years old, shyly followed us, peeking out behind his mother to see what he thought was a “real-life princess.” That is, he thought that Travis Jr.’s mommy, while carrying Travis Jr. in her womb, was a princess! It was an awe-inspiring moment, to hear the innocent heart of that little boy and to think about what our son would be like at that age. 


We are incredibly grateful that we spent the time and resources to capture this amazing celebration of our son’s life. We will forever hold this photo shoot experience and the stunning photos dearly.  


Note: If you are supporting a loved one who lost a child, a thoughtful gesture would be to gift them with one of our personalizable picture frames and add a photo from their pregnancy photo shoot (or other photo of their child). 


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