Remembering Our Babymoons

Remembering Our Babymoons

This post is the third in our series on cherishing key memories after losing a child. Read previous posts about Travis Jr.’s baby shower and pregnancy photo shoot to see how we cherish these key moments in our son’s life.  


We were so excited about our first child that we decided to have not one, but TWO babymoons!  


For those who aren’t aware, a babymoon is when parents take a trip or set aside time to spend together before a child is born.  


We spent our first babymoon at a small lakeside town in Virginia when 21 weeks pregnant with Travis Jr. It was so exciting to take pictures of his baby bump, which had started to show.  


We spent a large chunk of the first babymoon researching baby products and developing our baby registry. Like many parents, we wanted the best for our son, and we were happy to put in dozens of hours developing the most comprehensive baby registry. We cherish every single minute that we spent preparing for our son’s birth.  


The second babymoon was in a West Virginia town at 28 weeks pregnant. We enjoyed time outdoors, strolling through the beautiful greenery and taking in the sights of the rolling mountains.  


This babymoon fell on Mother’s Day, and it was so special to celebrate this first Mother’s Day as a mom. A highlight was being recognized and showered with love through text messages from friends:   


“Happy Mother's Day! You are a beautiful mother already!!!” 


“Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have a special day” 

“Happy Mother’s Day! Congrats on entering the new trimester!…Enjoy your special day” 


“Happy Mother’s Day!!! T minus two months [until baby’s birth]” 


We enjoyed this celebration of life and motherhood, blissfully unaware that the following Mother’s Day would include a visit to the cemetery.  


Today, another Mother’s Day is around the corner, and we know this can be a hard time for many bereaved moms. To any bereaved mom reading this blog, please know that you and your child are not forgotten. You are loved. And you are still an amazing mother. Happy Mother’s Day to you.  

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