Blackberry picking; Nature; Grief Coping

Spending Time Outdoors to Cope with Child Loss

In the early months following the death of our son, we spent lots of time outdoors. The fresh summer air provided a different atmosphere to help us process the grief.


We visited local parks and botanical gardens, taking in the beauty of God’s creation. In nature, we took walks, listened to music, read, journaled, napped, and even just sat staring outwards at the scenes before us.


One highlight was going blackberry picking for the first time. After fighting some large bugs to pick our blackberries, we victoriously enjoyed the sweet, juicy fruit of our labor.


Getting out and about was a reminder that life goes on even when it felt like ours was flipped upside down and suspended in time.


Feeling the sunshine - and even the rain - helped us to more actively engage with the life that we were still privileged to live.

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