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Remembering Baby Layla

From time to time, our blog will honor the memories of specific babies who are no longer with us. This week’s blog post is in remembrance of a precious baby girl named Layla. We met Layla’s mom at the cemetery where our son is laid. 


About Layla

Layla was born at seven months gestation. 


Her favorite foods were sour foods, as her mom had a sour craving throughout pregnancy. 


Layla’s mom prayed daily for Layla to be okay and would take her to church about three times a week.


Layla’s mom will always cherish the facts that Layla was a strong little girl and that she moved in a way to let her mom know she was okay.


Advice from Layla’s mom to parents who have lost a child:

It’s okay to seek help. “No one that hasn’t gone through it understands what us mothers feel because they were our babies.”


Note: Support groups are a great way to seek help. Read blog post on support groups here, and see links to additional supportive resources here.


We honor and cherish Layla’s life. 

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