Shifting perspectives on child loss

New Year, New Thoughts - 3 Ways to Reframe Perspectives on Losing a Child

A new year can be a great time to embrace new thoughts, new perspectives. 


Our perspectives and narratives that we tell ourselves greatly impact how we respond to a situation. Reframing our thoughts can be particularly helpful when coping with losing a child.  


Below are three examples of perspective shifts for thought patterns related to losing a child: 


Example 1 

Instead of: I want to go back in time and undo what happened to my child. 

Try: I can’t change what happened in the past, but I can choose how to move forward in the present and future. 


Example 2 

Instead of: I blame myself for my child’s death. 

Try: I recognize that life and death are out of my control. 


Example 3 

Instead of: I will never be happy again since my child died. 

Try: I acknowledge my sadness and recognize that I can experience happiness and joy amidst deep sorrow. 


What thought patterns about losing your child do you need to reframe as you move forward this year? 

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