Helpful Tools for Grieving Child Loss (Part 2)

Helpful Tools for Grieving Child Loss (Part 2)

This post continues from the previous post describing helpful coping strategies we engaged in during the early months following the death of our son.


  1. Listen to podcasts. Podcasts provided us comfort (as well as tears) as we related to and learned from the stories of many others who had also lost a child. The Sisters in Loss podcast was particularly helpful.


  1. Listen to music. Music speaks to the soul in ways nothing else can. We primarily listened to worship songs that spoke encouraging truths to our hearts and minds.


  1. Read. Reading at length felt hard to do in the earliest months, but we found encouragement reading blog posts, short snippets of books, and listening to audiobooks on topics related to grief.


  1. Learn a new skillset. Participating in a 30-day online challenge/course starting about a month after our loss gave the mind something else to focus on for a portion of each day. (Although our son remained ever-present on our minds throughout each day).


  1. Connect with God. Despite the heartbreak of our loss, we chose to believe that God was still good, faithful, and kind since a change in our circumstances doesn’t change what is true about the God who created the universe. We connected with God through sharing our questions, doubts, and hurts with Him and engaging in worship music, church, and talks on grief, such as those by Dr. Tony Evans.


Comment below: What other coping strategies did you find to be helpful in navigating the early months after losing your child?


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