Travis Jr's. baby footprint

Birthing You, Baby Boy

[A poem written by Travis Jr.'s mother, Co-founder of Remembering My Child]


Your hair was the first part of you that I touched 

The only part of you I can still hold

Though my heart feels your present absence every day


Baby boy, birthing you was a profound privilege 


Heaven’s music embraced the dimly lit room 

Your daddy’s slow count was the metronome


Squeezing your daddy’s hand, I pushed 

My body was a steady flame 

Your cozy, lifelong home

Ablaze with love for you 


Out you came 

Silent but mighty 

Lifeless but life changing


Skin to skin, we cuddled 

Your heart on my mine

My heart in yours


Mouth to mouth, we begged God

Release the ruah

Give breath to your lungs 


But alas


Your peaceful smile assured me 

You’d had a great life 

Too short for me

Yet you live on in eternity 


Baby boy, my firstborn 

Travis Jr., my Baby Travi 

I love you forever 

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