Christmas ornament in memory of a child

10 Ways to Honor Your Child’s Memory during the Holidays

Holidays can be a time of intensified grieving. Families often gather, new memories are formed, and the absence of a loved one - in our case, a child - is further emphasized.  


But how can bereaved parents honor their children’s memories during the holidays? Below are 10 ideas.  

  1. Hang an ornament with your child’s name on it


  1. Prepare a Christmas stocking for your child


  1. Ask family and friends to write a holiday card addressed to your child, in their memory


  1. Eat a special food item that celebrates your child’s life 


  1. Journal, reflecting on what you miss about your child this holiday 


  1. Include an item that reminds you of your child when taking family holiday photos 


  1. Light a candle in your child’s memory at a holiday gathering 


  1. Mention your child’s name in conversation at a holiday gathering 


  1. Hold a space for your child at the table


  1. Say a prayer of thanksgiving for your child’s life


Warm wishes to you in celebrating the holidays! 

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